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Best Medical Insurance

Finding the best medical insurance varies person by person, depending on their individual situation. If you are looking for affordable health insurance, you can go to your state’s health department and see if you qualify for Medicaid.


Medicaid helps you get care you need through state-sponsored coverage without paying a dime in monthly premiums. The only catch with Medicare is that your household has to qualify under the federal guidelines for poverty or low-income households.

Not all Medicaid plans will pay for everything. Usually, Medicaid covers the costs of doctor visits and emergency visits. Non-emergency surgeries may not be covered. Many people get Medicaid for their children, who are more likely to be eligible (especially if you are a single parent). Pregnant women are also usually automatically qualified for prenatal care Medicaid (expires after you give birth).

Medicaid Coverage & Benefits:

  • Lab & X-Rays

  • Physician Services

  • Hospital Services

  • Home Health Care

  • Dental Care for Children


Medicare is a great health insurance plan for senior citizens. It is very similar to Medicaid, but only those 65 and older are eligible.

In Between Jobs?

If you were previously laid off from work and your employer supplied you with health insurance, COBRA may be an option for you. This plan gives you temporary medical insurance coverage while you search for new insurance or waiting for a new job to cover you. Usually COBRA will offer coverage for up to six months. Although this is made for individuals transitioning from other insurance plans, employers are not required to pay the premiums for this option.

Individual Health Care Plans

If your job doesn’t offer insurance or you’re self-employed you should consider purchasing an individual health care policy. In some states, the benefits offered through this plan aren’t nearly as great as those offered by jobs, but if you don’t have any other options, this may be the best way to go. It will take being a smart shopper to get the best individual health care policies out there.

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